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M6 from the canal


Indeterminate space, Soho Foundry 2, 2023

Indeterminate space, Soho Foundry, 2023

Iceworks III (sold)

Iceworks II (sold)

Elemental light_III

Elemental light_II

you, me_I

you, me_II

West Coast_5

West Coast_4

West Coast_3

West Coast_1

Lancaster Circus

Elemental light (sold)

Braveheart (sold)

Held (sold)

Spring waits for no-one

Advancing Twilight (sold)

Lydney Docks (sold)

Low hanging fruit 2

Low hanging fruit 1

Monstera deliziosa

These winter evenings

Estuary_Sentinel XX

Estuary_Sentinel IXX (sold)

Natural Cause


Immanent velocity

Being there

Safe landing, low tide

Safe landing, high tide

Talk to Your Neighbour (sold)

Celeste (sold)

Iceworks 2 (sold)


Estuary 0 Mud

Estuary 1

Estuary 2 Red

Estuary 3 Blue

Estuary 4 Sentinel Blue

Estuary 5 Sentinel Red

Estuary 6 Sentinel Red

Estuary-7 Mauve

Sharpness. Map 22

Waves 9

Waves 8

Waves 6

Waves 5

Waves 4

Waves 3

Waves 2

Waves 1

Chapter Meadow Walk

Stanage Edge 2

Severn in Worcester

‘Rencontrer’ – lovers

Chances in Smethwick

Stanage Edge

Lidney Dock and the Berkerley Power Stations

3 towerblocks in St. Johns

Tiny Lydney Dock and Berkerley Power Stations